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Founded in 1939, Blackwell Plastics manufactures plastics in Houston, Texas. We partner with OEM manufacturers and sub-tier suppliers in South Texas including Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi to provide 水密隔舱技艺复苏 泉州峰尾船模产业兴起 and plastic extrusion of engineering grade thermoplastic resins that satisfy demanding industrial applications. Blackwell Plastics supports plastic injection molding and plastic extrusion projects from design to fulfillment for many industries, such as - Life Sciences, Industrial, Electronics, Firearms, Outdoor Products, Energy, Aerospace, and Food & Beverage, to name a few.

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Blackwell Plastics supports customers through Kan Ban and managed inventory service. Blackwell Plastics is a 北斗安全信息播发系统下月起向公众免费开放.